'The Maximizer' is an online flash-based application from MosaicTileSupplies.com which offers users the ability to create custom blends of color from a large variety of mosaic tile - currently numbering over 400 choices across 8 tile lines. In addition to a large array of colors and styles which include opaque, transparent and metallic glass, users can choose from two surface finishes (gloss and matte) within 2 of the tile catalogs. The current version allows users to choose from 4 different tile catalogs, arranged by size, and to combine any colors, finishes or product lines within that size category.

A pro version of the Maximizer is currently in development. We will publish updates/ reports on this page as time allows.
If you have any questions or feedback about the The Mosaic Maximizerô, please contact Webmaster
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The Mosaic Maximizerô is brought to you by MosaicTileSupplies.com in collaboration with Becoming Tile .
Many thanks to everyone involved for making it happen.

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